I am happy to announce that Paris Marketing has joined the BlueHive family and is now an affiliate of the BlueHive organization. Together, our shared values and synergies will lead to better designs, innovations, and experiences for all our clients. This merger also includes the addition of new members to the Paris team as well as a refreshed look, and new office location. But rest assured, they’re still the same creative brand warriors you know and trust.

Paul Hanlon, President

Champion Mentality

We believe in creative accountability and that everyone is responsible for bringing good ideas to the table. This fundamental principle empowers everyone here to become a champion for our clients and is the driving force behind our creative process.

It’s Never Just Business

We believe in doing what is best for our clients. This is the manifesto of a creative brand warrior and it means that being professional, ethical and responsible isn’t situational – it’s actually non-negotiable.

Marketing: The Ultimate War Game

Our approach is battle–tested and client approved. As seasoned brand warriors we know that great marketing isn’t accidental, it’s the result of intentional choices based on experience and insight. Our clients trust us to stand by their side throughout the entire marketing process and know that at Paris, we never leave a client behind.
Our approach is refreshingly simple. All of our services are provided as either stand-alone projects or incorporated into a monthly support plan for one flat fee. This practical approach helps you achieve big marketing results, regardless of your size or budget.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

A brand’s value is measured by how well it can differentiate itself from the competition, and its strength is measured by the impact it has on the company’s ability to drive profits. We manage these encounters through a well-developed marketing strategy, informed by the actions and motivations of your stakeholders and key audiences. Our marketing creates the differences that properly positions your brand in the minds of those that matter most to you.

Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Regardless of industry, organizations today must have a website that is not only on par, but superior to their competitors. We make sure our clients’ core strengths and value proposition are presented clearly by crafting websites with sophisticated and responsive designs and employing intuitive navigation into an easy to use interface. And unlike other design agencies, we don’t stop at great design—we also offer maintenance, SEO, and tech support services that are scalable and customized to your specific needs.

Creative Design & Visual Identity

Corporate identities are a combination of color schemes, designs, and words that make a visual statement about your organization. Landing on the right corporate identity presents a significant challenge for companies, due to the difficulty involved in conveying complex ideas and emotions visually. Our talented designers create visual representations of your ideas and messages and we can also manage the branding process to help ensure your corporate identity is carried throughout all future advertising, social media profiles, websites, print stationary, and branded marketing collateral.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Social media is now recognized as an irrefutable and legitimate driver of marketing activities, for both B2B and B2C businesses. Regardless of the platform, social media serves as an ever-widening gateway of 24/7 access to 1.7 billion people. Our social media experts are deeply experienced in identifying and appropriately engaging with the audiences that really matter, in order to develop strategic social media campaigns. We help clients expertly manage their digital reputation and online assets to ensure that their brands remain robust, relevant, and recognizable.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your audience without selling. We help clients focus on delivering information that educates, making your brand a resource for intelligent information. If we can capture the hearts and minds of an audience, they will reward you with their business and loyalty. Our process includes helping clients create, distribute, and manage this content across multiple communication and media channels, including press releases, email marketing, social media, blogs, websites, and video.

Video and Media Production

Whether used to convey your brand story, explain your value proposition, or help build relationships with clients, consumers, or prospects—intelligently produced, high-quality video should be a powerful part of your strategy. As more audiences consume their information through video, the challenge to remain competitive will hinge on a company’s ability to engage in meaningful ways through video. Our in-house video development capabilities enable us to be agile, yet maintain the highest standards of quality control, and to produce video and media assets that meet online best practice standards within your budget.

Face To Face Marketing

Trade shows and similar live events are great opportunities to showcase your company’s services, reinforce your brand messaging to audiences in the industry, and provide opportunities to grow your business. We research and provide recommendations on appropriate regional and national events to attend and provide rental exhibit design and exhibit components to support your brand at these events. Participation in these live events can be supported by digital marketing services such as social media, video, and web.

Marketing Audits

Achieving a sustainable competitive position starts by analyzing and evaluating your current marketing strategies, activities, and results. Our marketing audits help clients evaluate what’s working and what’s not, so they can capitalize on every possible advantage. The goal is to forge together a common vision for future marketing spend and activities to help your organization build internal consensus and reduce fragmented marketing efforts.

Marketing Plan and Policy Development

Accountability is integral to the success of any strategic marketing plan. Strategic plans must provide a blueprint for employing the specific tactics that will help drive your company’s overall business goals and objectives. Each of our plans is custom written and include best practices, benchmarking and goals, business development activities, budget recommendations, key roles and task assignments, as well as deadlines and operating procedures. We also help you deliver and execute these plans throughout the organization.
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  • Working with Lisa and her team has been a pleasure. They led us through the rebranding process with ease, and we are delighted with the results.


  • Their product isn't about the everyday; it is about pushing you to look beyond what most designers are thinking. They keep their promises in delivering creative and timely designs while leading their clients to present a sophisticated and honest face to the market.


  • Paris Marketing created and implemented a custom online plan for my law firm. I came away with a brand identity and website that fits my practice perfectly. I think they are amazing.

    -Law Office of Paula Smith

  • As a new non-profit organization looking to get our message and brand off the ground, we looked to Lisa and her team. Their institutional knowledge and great ideas proved to be invaluable. Paris Marketing took the time to listen to what our needs and vision was and then put together a plan of attack.

    -The Joan DeCotis Foundation

  • Paris Marketing is great to work with. Good people and amazing service. We needed a new brand identity as well as a website and the designs exceeded our expectations.


  • Thank you again for sharing your work with the International Center of Worcester and one of our most exciting groups this past year. We look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate soon.

    -Kellee Kosiorek, International Center of Worcester

  • Paris Marketing has become an essential provider of service for the law firm Eno Martin Donahue. Their expertise has allowed us to modernize and reach new clientele through various marketing strategies, social media and our revamped website. Any law firm would benefit greatly from their services.

    -Eno Martin Donahue

Our leadership is committed to developing an organizational environment of shared creative values. We believe that teams who genuinely embrace the diversity of ideas, collaboration, and imagination consistently outperform those who don’t.

Get to know our leadership.

Lisa Woodford
Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy

Contact Lisa

Phone: (508) 581-9560 ext. 285
Email: lisa@parissocialmedia.com

About Lisa

As the VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Lisa combines nearly 20 years of real-life, in the trenches experience with a hands-on tactical approach to branding – this has proven highly effective in helping clients avoid random acts of marketing. Lisa’s previous professional experience includes a position as the Director of Marketing for a leading, national litigation firm. Having worked with firms in the legal, financial, and insurance sectors, as well as businesses owners, and non-profit organizations in both agency and in-house settings has provided Lisa with a well-balanced perspective and agility earned through experience. She leverages these assets to help lead the agency and its team in the development of strategic marketing campaigns and innovative brand transformation for our clients.

Lisa is a graduate (cum laude) of Emmanuel College and of the Butera School of Art (valedictorian). Her business savvy, artistic training, and quirky personality combine to give her work a unique balance that is different from many other agency leaders in the B2B space. Lisa also enjoys sharing her views on marketing and has published several articles on the subject in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Recently, she was referenced for her social media expertise in Rod Boddie’s book, “Succeeding as Outside Counsel,” published by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division (2014). An engaging public speaker, Lisa presents at numerous conferences on various subjects related to B2B marketing, and her workshops on social media and business development are extremely popular. We’ve been told audiences find her kinetic energy level and innate klutziness highly entertaining.

Personal Intent: be FIERCE

Caitlyn Hanlon-Correia
Director of Operations

Contact Caitlyn

Phone: (508) 581-9560 ext. 231
Email: ccorreia@blue-hive.com

About Caitlyn

As Director of Operations, Caitlyn oversees all aspects of Paris Marketing’s operations with includes business offerings and growth, management, sales and marketing, and human resources. Caitlyn graduated with her Masters in Business Administration from Endicott College and her education and professional background brings a breadth of experience in establishing goals and plans to improve cost effectiveness, recommendations for potential new business opportunities and timely delivery of marketing services to internal and external customers.

Caitlyn is renowned for her exceptional interpersonal skills, and her infectious smile is a mainstay of the Paris Marketing office. More so, she is a forward thinker and a go-getter with a strong entrepreneurial vision in strategic decision-making and long-term planning, ensuring the future success of Paris Marketing.

Personal Intent: be GENUINE

Brittany Wong
Director of Account Services

Contact Brittany

Phone: (508) 581-9560 ext. 286

About Brittany

Brittany Wong is our Director of Account Services. Brittany is responsible for project management of our clients’ projects from the early phase of scoping through execution and launch. Her background experience includes managing multi-regional websites redevelopment projects, overseeing large digital media campaigns, and rolling out home campaigns across various industries such as higher education, legal, and tourism. Brittany combines her project management skills with our creative process to take a client’s vision and transform it into tangible results.

Personal Intent: be EXTRAORDINARY

Amadeus Finlay
Director, Corporate Communications and Business Development

Contact Amadeus

Phone: (508) 254-7221
Email: afinlay@blue-hive.com

About Amadeus

As Director of Corporate Communications and Business Development, Amadeus’ primary focus is to build awareness of Paris Marketing’s abilities and services among prospective clients, to develop new relationships with businesses and members of the press, and to maintain existing relationships with current clients. Recognized for his genuine warmth, business acumen, and clever whit, Amadeus is an energetic and effective advocate for our agency and our clients.

A native of Ireland, Amadeus is a graduate of University of Edinburgh and holds a MA in Modern History. During his career, he worked in London at a major U.S. e-commerce company and he brings this global perspective to creative problem-solving here. Viewing the competitive landscape through this lens has also enabled him to be highly adept in social listening and trend spotting. Amadeus using these insights to develop strategic communications and robust social media campaigns that resonate with audiences resulting in deeper levels engagement.

Personal Intent: be INSPIRED

Stephanie Smith
Art Director

Contact Stephanie

Phone: (508) 581-9560 ext. 273
Email: ssmith@blue-hive.com

About Stephanie

In her role as Art Director for Paris Marketing, Stephanie is actively involved in developing and evolving design approaches and strategies that promote graphic and visual design excellence for our clients. With over a decade of professional design experience, Stephanie provides collaborative guidance and her exceptional design insights to help lead our creative teams in the creation of campaigns, logos, website designs, visuals for social media, communication templates, corporate identities, and other print and digital marketing activities.

Personal Intent: be BOLD

Cheng Lee
Director of Content

Contact Cheng

Phone: (508) 581-9560 ext. 287
Email: cheng@paris.marketing

About Cheng

Cheng Lee is our resident enforcer. By hook or by crook, he melds design and content together, ensuring that your brand message is always present and accounted for. A true artist of the written word, Cheng understands the significance a single word can have when placed in the correct location. Blessed with sharp humor and an inquisitive intelligence, in the battle against mediocre marketing, Cheng’s the one you want watching your back

Personal Intent: be NATURAL

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Lisa Murray
Trevi Communications
Tracy Powell
Dante Simon
Regional Consultant

About BlueHive

Working with clients across the United States, as well as internationally, our partner company BlueHive specializes in trade show exhibits, events, and corporate interiors. We work closely with them to support their clients through a variety of digital media and traditional marketing services. The energy and passionate we share for our clients is reflected through smart design, friendly service and consistently driven by our shared creative values.

About Lisa

Lisa Murray is a communications and media relations strategist with nearly 20 years of experience. With both corporate and agency experience, Lisa’s background spans international brand building, reputation management, competitive strategy, corporate communications, media relations, product/practice launches and event planning. Her strategic counsel and program management have helped clients to build brand awareness, avoid/withstand PR crises, capture market share, drive sales leads, raise venture capital and prepare for divestitures & acquisitions.

About Tracy

Tracy Powell is a creative wunderkind who has photographed some of the legal industry’s most prominent attorneys. When he’s not on location with us, he can usually be found on some far away continent viewing and capturing the wider world through his camera lens. But don’t let his passport fool you, Tracy has a professional yet laid back demeanor that puts even the most camera shy professional at ease. We think the results speak for themselves, but take a look at his work on any of our recent sites and judge for yourself. We think you’ll agree, Tracy is an asset to any team and we’re glad we have him on our roster.

About Dante

Dante’s experience in business development includes careers as both a top Sales Executive and Finance Director for the insurance and automotive industries. A natural problem solver, Dante takes a consultative approach to developing and maintain relationships. Dante’s career has taken him across the country, yet as a native of the of the Seven Hills area he is often a natural gateway for connecting entrepreneurial businesses in the Worcester area to our agency.



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