David Hoey, P.C., is a Massachusetts and New Hampshire law firm specializing in nursing home and elder abuse/neglect litigation.  A marketing audit revealed inconsistent branding efforts and gaps in business development skills among associates. Although the firm’s mission was understood internally, outdated marketing tools and a lack of training among associates was preventing their message from reaching target audiences. Further, this lack of awareness beyond their existing client base meant the firm needed to continue to rely heavily on their referral network.


Paris Marketing created a unified, visual brand identity that articulated the firm’s strengths and clarified their brand story so it was easier to share. A full suite of marketing collateral and support for the firm, including a new website, professional brand mark, a re-branded social media presence, and business development workshops for their associates were rolled out over the next six months. In addition, a dedicated media campaign was undertaken to capitalize on opportunities that would highlight the firm within publications specific to their target audience. A marketing plan was developed that included clear goals to help their attorneys actively develop new business, recruit new associates with a book of business, and organically acquire additional clients without relying on the firm’s existing referral network.


A seamless, consistent brand that tells a clear, compelling story. Regular, topical content and media articles help validate the firm’s claim of expertise in their practice area and consistent coaching has empowered associates to market their firm with confidence.


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