brand standards

alex grimaldo
graphic designer

endurance + powerful + passionate + spirited + extreme

personal promise
Be intuitive. Have the courage to follow what you know is true.

There are those who go to the extreme. And then there are those who go to both extremes. Alex is the latter. She craves balance in her life and knows that it takes both moments of peace and quiet and the chaotic rush of activity to know the full experience of anything. And life has taught her that hard work and determination are just as important as natural talent in reaching your goals.

At Paris, she brings ideas and concepts to life with her visual skills. Alex knows that while the details of an image are important, it’s just as important to be thoughtful about the space around an image and how all the elements of a logo, infographic, or picture interact with one another. It is this yin and yang, push and pull, that drives Alex in her work. And in her pursuit of balance, our clients benefit.

The owner of two cats, Alex is a crazy cat lady in training.

Rebels are radicals, the ones who will create truly different ideas, services and products. The Rebel is driven to change what isn’t working, even if this means disrupting or destroying. They inspire others because they challenge the status quo and are the game changers. Action-orientated, they bring fresh perspectives, new outlooks, and inspirational changes.

energy + action + revolutionary + brave + change

“What you give is what you get.”