brand standards

amy berube
account manager

creative + optimist + benevolent + family + calligraphy

personal promise
Be positive. Positive results stem from positive attitudes.

Every team needs a cheerleader, a person who embodies positivity in the way they talk, work, and carry themselves through the day. Positivity is infectious and at Paris Marketing, Amy Berube is the person who spreads it throughout our team.

Amy coordinates our workflow and processes to manage client relationships and meet project deadlines. She further strengthens our team with her skills and experiences with social media platforms and ecommerce websites. Adept at moving through barriers that would stop others, Amy’s optimism ensures that no one on the Paris team is left behind.

A lover of dogs, sewing, and quilting, Amy believes that the best gifts are those you make with your hands. And if you’re lucky enough to receive such a gift from her, know that Amy credits her crafting abilities to her grandma.

the innocent
The Innocent have but one desire–to be free and happy, living a simple life. Their optimism and hope are the tools that allow them to ignore and move past obstacles that would stop others. They see the good in everything and have no hidden agendas or double meanings in their words or actions. Filled with faith and hope, the Innocent believe that everything will work out in the end and motivate others to believe the same.

trust + honesty + optimism + wholesomeness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”