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brent martino
director of digital

knowledge + inspiration + big ideas + multifunctionality + visuals

personal promise
Be different. Be like Einstein.

Some say they have seen unicorns. We say we have seen a Brenticorn.

Brent Martino is our secret weapon. A fountain of Big Ideas, Brent brings over twenty years of agency experience in website construction, SEO and video production, as well as a passion for the latest in cutting-edge tech developments. Brent also brings a great sense of comic timing to the group, which makes him perfect as the editor and director of Paris After Dark. Got a question about something quirky and difficult to execute? Ask Brent, he’s got the answers.

In another life, Brent was a chef. He also loves gnomes. We don’t think there’s a connection.

Sages are the scales of balance in the world of brand archetypes. The Sage is motivated by independence, truth, and understanding the human experience, taking pleasure in learning all sides so they can remain objective in their decision making. Pragmatic, but cautious, Sages respond well to the experience and opinion of experts.

wisdom + knowledge + truth + patience + prudence

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”