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brittany wong
director of account services

bullwhip + no-nonsense + enabler + quartermaster + efficient

personal promise
Be extraordinary. You have but one life, and there’s no room for the ordinary.

Every business venture has a memorable employee—the first employee. This is the first person who believed enough in the founder(s)’ vision to join them in their quest to conquer the world, the person who experienced the highs of the early successes and the lows of the first defeats. At Paris Marketing, this person is Brittany and that’s why she has the best work stories.

Brittany embraces and excels at a task that few would want, coordinating the chaos that is a marketing agency. At Paris, she manages client relationships; clients know that a single call or email to Brittany results in action and resolution. Internally, she manages our project workflow, ensuring that project timelines and client expectations are met. Brittany gained her extensive project management skills by managing multi-regional website projects, large social media campaigns, and global initiatives for multi-national companies in the professional services, higher education, tourism, and manufacturing industries.

Brittany received her undergrad degree from Worcester State University and her MBA in Management from Assumption College. When not driving others to succeed at Paris, she can be found chasing after her dog Calvin who enjoys running away once a week.

The Hero lives to overcome challenges and adversity with effective acts of strength, courage and selflessness. Thoroughly committed to their tribe and the world they inhabit, heroes strive to improve everything they touch through competent thought processes and decisive decision-making. Heroes are natural born leaders, demonstrating control through pragmatism and acts of transformation.

strength + unity + redemption + courage + loyalty

Be Manage the change that you wish to see in the world.”