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caitlyn hanlon-correia
director of operations

loyalty + honesty + relationships + positivity + pragmatism

personal promise
Be genuine. Whether you’re building a business, network, or friendships, you always want to look for people who are genuine.

When two tribes meet, there is always one individual that links everyone together. Caitlyn is the glue that connects Paris Marketing with BlueHive.

As part of the family that owns the BlueHive Group, Caitlyn was born with marketing in her blood. She was first exposed to the trade show world at age four, and by the time she achieved her MBA at 23, Caitlyn had worked in every element of the business. Why? She wanted to demonstrate that her success was hers and hers alone. Today, Caitlyn is the Director of Operations at Paris Marketing, and is putting her experience and vision for leadership to use with great success.

…but we are very lucky to have her at all! If she was left to follow her heart, Caitlyn would be back on the beach in Florida that she was raised on, probably hanging with her dogs. Some say she’s a pet person. Those who know her best call her the animal whisperer.

The Hero lives to overcome challenges and adversity with effective acts of strength, courage and selflessness. Thoroughly committed to their tribe and the world they inhabit, heroes strive to improve everything they touch through competent thought processes and decisive decision-making. Heroes are natural born leaders, demonstrating control through pragmatism and acts of transformation.

strength + unity + redemption + courage + loyalty

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”