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cheng lee
director of content

haiku + curious + dreamer + solitude + the 10th man

personal promise
Be natural. Sometimes the best solution is already there, waiting to be discovered.

Everything is a story. The words, the images, the tales, they all play a role in shaping our perception and culture. And Cheng has been practicing the art of storytelling since his childhood days. In addition to his role as the office’s resident morale captain, Cheng is also co-creator of Paris After Dark.

Cheng’s writing career spans both the technical and creative worlds of writing. He has spent over 15 years telling the stories of organizations through RFP proposal responses, whitepapers, funding reports, project updates, press releases, and website content. At Paris, Cheng has a hand in nearly all client content including websites, printed collateral, marketing campaigns, and social media. He helps kickstart the creative process, working with the Paris team to produce solutions for our clients’ marketing needs.

And if you see a lone figure casting his fishing rod into the early morning waters of the Wachusett Reservoir, chances are, it might be Cheng. But that’s a story for another time.

Sages are the scales of balance in the world of brand archetypes. The Sage is motivated by independence, truth, and understanding the human experience, taking pleasure in learning all sides so they can remain objective in their decision making. Pragmatic, but cautious, Sages respond well to the experience and opinion of experts.

wisdom + knowledge + truth + patience + prudence

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”