brand standards

eric troy
head of social stories

penmanship + energy + curiosity + fresh perspectives + avant-garde style

personal promise
Be adventurous. Represents a desire to break down boundaries and the opportunity to learn from new discoveries.

Eric is a lover of words with a flair for creative writing. He equips our clients’ social media channels with engaging language and uses his Google AdWords certified brain to evaluate each campaign’s data, and determine how to most effectively use each metric to inform future content strategy. This makes him an expert marksman when it comes to identifying an audience’s emotional drivers and how they spend their time online. Eric delights in details and analytical nuances and he uses this information to deeply understand consumer behavior and social targeting to ensure that a brand’s content is consistently reaching and resonating with the right audiences in ways that matter.

The Explorer is driven by a powerful desire for new experiences. A trailblazer focused on the horizon, Explorers shun boredom and entrapment by pushing the boundaries of convention, even if it means taking risks to achieve something truly great. If you want to find out what’s over the next hill, send an Explorer, they will keep your brand ahead of the curve.

independence + novelty + freedom + opportunity + enthusiasm

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.”