brand standards

evan boser
social media strategist

brand development + ethics + social growth + content strategy + industry comprehension

personal promise
Be Passionate. No one has done anything extraordinary in this world without having extreme passion.

Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit since his early years, Evan has always believed in the maxim that one should work hard and stay humble. And Evan has excelled at both.

Evan has an innate talent for observing and tapping into the pulse of social media. This gift allows him to navigate the shifts in social media momentum and keeps our clients aware of upcoming trends and changes. At Paris, Evan identifies the best platform, content, message, and individuals to amplify our clients’ brands and keep them in the social conversation of customers. This strategy creates a plan of action and provides the tactics needed to deliver results for our clients’ social media goals. His skilled approach has successfully helped professional athletes, national corporations, and smaller private organizations engage and remain active with their followers.

Always up for a spontaneous game, Evan continues to perfect his unique approach to the game of bowling.

guy next door

The guy next door is a realist and an everyman. But most of all, he is a friend. They are hard working persons who are down to earth and accessible. Their talent for empathy and a lack pretense means that people see them as friendly, humble, honest, and practical. Their greatest gift is that after meeting the guy next door, people often feel “If he can, I can too.”

friendly + honesty + practical + warm + trust

“When you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist.”