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joel perry
business development manager

coach + persistent + connect + resilient + loyal

personal promise
Be collaborative. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Some people are driven to compete. For them, the bigger the obstacles the bigger their effort. And although they may not be able to recall their numerous victories, the memories of their few defeats remain fresh in their mind. This spirit of competitiveness leaves them restless, always looking for the next challenge. At Paris Marketing, Joel Perry is our road warrior.

Joel is the first person from Paris Marketing that many clients see. As our business development manager, Joel meets with prospects to discuss their needs and then figure out how Paris Marketing can help. He has built his career on the understanding that his real work begins after the sale, ensuring that the client’s needs are being met. He excels at setting and managing expectations; he makes it a point to educate clients of potential roadblocks early in the process so that clients aren’t caught off-guard.

A youth football coach, Joel understands the power coaching has to change the lives of children, especially those who feel like the underdogs. He makes it a goal to offer them support on and off the field. A big believer in karma, Joel has seen his positive actions and energy reciprocated in return. And when no one’s looking, Joel can be found indulging in his favorite guilty pleasure: 80s rock music.

the hero
The Hero lives to overcome challenges and adversity with effective acts of strength, courage and selflessness. Thoroughly committed to their tribe and the world they inhabit, heroes strive to improve everything they touch through competent thought processes and decisive decision-making. Heroes are natural born leaders, demonstrating control through pragmatism and acts of transformation.

trust + honesty + optimism + leadership

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”