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lisa woodford
vice president
brand strategy + creative

strategy + brand management + big picture + design skills + architecture + industry knowledge

personal promise
Be fierce. Represents commitment to upholding the values of our agency.

A career marketing veteran, Lisa has spent nearly 20 years helping clients battle for brand share. Her tours of duty include a global advertising agency, publicly traded company, and a national litigation firm. Beginning in the marketing trenches, she rose up the ranks to the executive level where she was responsible for managing brands that ranged from regional to international in size and scale. Lisa’s diverse experience has given her a well-balanced and agile perspective on brand building that combines strategic and tactical insights into a take-no-prisoners approach which has proven highly effective in helping clients avoid random acts of advertising.

Lisa is a frequent guest speaker and writer on the topics of branding, legal marketing, and women’s leadership. She also co-hosts the Creative Warrior Podcast, along with our Director of Digital Brent Martino.

Lisa has a B.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration from Butera School of Art and a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Emmanuel College.

The assertive Warrior has a strong sense of duty coupled with a healthy dose of bravery. Add to this a tactical mode of attack, and the Warrior is strong on strategy.

creativity + determination + awareness + confidence + loyalty + courage + resilence + strength

Though she be but tiny, she is fierce.