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How Does Google Work?

Ever wonder how Google works? We are removing the mystery.

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Legally Purchasing Cannabis for Recreational Consumption: A Massachusetts Resident’s Experience.

People are coming from far and wide to get their first taste of legal cannabis. What's it like standing in those 4-hour lines? Find out, from Paris Marketing Head of Social Stories, Eric Troy.

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How to Achieve Staggering Click-Through Rates Using LinkedIn Sponsored InMail.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is a powerful way to get your businesses message to the right people. How can you maximize the effectiveness of this tool? Eric Troy explains.

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Want to Know What It Really Takes to Grow A Brand in the Cannabis Industry?

Cannabis branding, you know it’s a “real” thing when Adweek starts writing about it. Snarky sarcasm aside, there is something to be said when one of the most influential publishing platforms in advertising starts posting articles on best practices to brand your bud.

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AO Eyewear Block Island Photo Shoot

20 sunglass styles, 18 hours, 7 models, 5 crew members, 3 vintage cars, 1 legendary photoshoot.

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Cannabis and Social Media

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Cannabis Business

Until federal cannabis legislation changes and social media platforms allow sponsored updates, organic social media is your brand’s best friend.

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Content Marketing

5 Things to Know About Content Marketing.

Over time, I have learned much about the benefits and pitfalls of content marketing. Here are the five content marketing questions you should know the answers to before you pull out your checkbook.

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Paris Marketing is pleased to welcome Account Manager, Amy Berube.

An alumna of UMass Dartmouth, Amy is experienced in helping to develop and manage campaigns for clients across a wide range of physical and digital communication platforms, from trade shows and social media, to email and websites.

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Paris Marketing Welcomes Alexandra Grimaldo to the Tribe!

Paris Marketing’s army continues to grow with the team’s newest addition, Junior Graphic Designer, Alexandra Grimaldo.

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