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Founded in 1833, AO Eyewear is America’s first metal eyewear-frame manufacturer. Once considered the gold standard of optical technology excellence, the brand focused heavily on maintaining the highest standards for American manufacturing, paying little mind to advertising or brand management beyond its existing core audience. As a result, competitors began stealing the thunder of AO Eyewear; and for nearly 15 years they increased their own notoriety by claiming accolades which should have been hallmarks for this historic brand. This resulted in a dilution of the brand’s perceived equity and a decrease in sales.

Our mission was to reclaim AO’s rightful brand share in the highly competitive lifestyle industry by increasing brand awareness of this legendary client to a new generation of AO enthusiasts.


Paris Marketing embarked on a complete brand refresh. One of our immediate priorities was to revitalize the brands lagging social media channels.
We developed three distinct buyer personas: the undaunted striver, the empowered activist, and inspired adventurer.

While we leveraged Facebook and Twitter, our primary digital strategy called for Instagram to play a leading role. Our content incorporated personalized paid and organic assets intended to disrupt the online community and call attention to AO Eyewear as the brand to know.

The increased recognition captured the attention of social influencers, this, in conjunction with a series of targeted promotional campaigns enabled us to amplify the brand beyond conventional means.


Increase in social followers


Increase in engagement


Increase user reach


Between the dates of October 21st, 2018 and October 25th, 2018, AO Eyewear’s Instagram following increased a staggering 1,823%, climbing from an initial 1,300 followers to nearly 25,000, within four days.

Our social efforts have resulted in a significant increase in ecommerce website traffic, additionally, the Instagram pages average user engagement increased by 832%.

This significant increase in brand awareness, audience size, and average engagement have increased AO Eyewear’s brand recognition and we are well on our way to reestablishing this iconic brand to its rightful stature.