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Digital Marketing: Web Design for Decotis Specialty Insurance


DeCotis Specialty Insurance is a family-owned New England surplus and excess insurance wholesaler. The leadership felt that their brand, now in its twentieth year was ready to evolve.


We executed a complete brand identity overhaul to demonstrate the agency’s wide range of service offerings. Since our client specializes in high-risk coverage, we chose a multi-color prism effect for the brandmark—a risky choice that captured the brand’s willingness to take risks on behalf of their customers.

The effect is a visually distinctive look that is both playful and bold. And rather than help DeCotis appear “like-classed”, it set the brand apart when compared to the more traditional look of other insurance agencies.

We designed a brand-new website with cleaner UX/UI and carried the visuals and messaging across corporate social media profiles. A yearlong marketing plan was drafted, and we ran a soft rollout to staff framed as a series of business development workshops.

Go Big Or Go Home

The “Big Event” is the country’s largest annual tradeshow for the insurance industry, making it the perfect opportunity to introduce our client’s fresh new look to its core audience.

Using specific audience criteria, we developed highly targeted pre-event social media campaigns to generate interest. We supported the ads with series of branded email campaigns inviting existing and potential clients to the event.

In line with the tradeshow theme “Rockstar”, we developed social images and a one-of-a-kind branded giveaway that went beyond traditional event swag.​


  • Increased impressions and reach within targeted industries and geography
  • Increased engagement among decision makers within target companies
  • Increased lead generation for future sales calls
  • Improved positive brand awareness
  • Increased social sharing, achieving amplified reach and earned media
  • Increased internal excitement from entire company
  • Increased motivation and participation from sales team​