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With its recent expansion into Vermont, the firm wanted to use social media to inform and engage with potential clients about the quality of care offered by nursing home facilities. Although the firm had traditionally used organic social media, they wanted to see what kind of effect using Facebook’s paid ads would have on engagement and reach.


Paris Marketing created a campaign focused on stats regarding the number of homes in MA, NH, and VT that were rated one or two stars by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Three ads were developed, one for each state, and each had targeted geographic and demographic criteria. The ads led to a landing page that provided the list of low-rated nursing facilities as a branded PDF download, placing the firm’s name directly in the users’ mind.


The campaign was a resounding success. Nearly 20,000 Facebook users across all three states saw the ads, greatly increasing awareness of the law firm and generating opportunties to engage with potential clients and referring counsel.

More notable was the fact that over 12% of users clicked the link to get the PDF download compared to the average click-through rate of 1.6% for legal ads on Facebook (750% improvement). Facebook users also engaged in conversations with the firm and with other users, leaving comments for each post.