Meet Your Hosts

Lisa Woodford VP, Brand Strategy

A career veteran when it comes to brand management, Lisa has spent nearly 18 years helping clients battle for brand share. Her tours of duty include stints in the agency and corporate worlds where she served in marketing trenches managing brands that ranged from regional to national in size. As Lisa rose through the ranks, she developed a well-balanced and agile perspective on brand building; combining strategic and tactical insights in a take-no-prisoners approach that has proven highly effective in helping her clients avoid random acts of advertising.

Brent Martino, Director of Digital

Brent Martino is a creative agency secret weapon. A fountain of Big Ideas, Brent brings over twenty years of agency experience in website construction, SEO and video production, as well as a passion for the latest in cutting-edge tech developments. Brent also brings a great sense of comic timing to our group and we have yet to throw down a digital development challenge that Brent couldn’t execute – some say they have seen unicorns. We say we have seen a Brenticorn.